"In Action"

  • A simple, discreet and entertaining way to check your B.A.C. (Blood Alcohol Content) before heading out on the roads
  • Will reduce the number of intoxicated people that are driving
  • Different from the Amusement/Gaming industry standard, because it is an optional tool that customers may decide to use as opposed to an amusement
  • Promotes a responsible image for your business that will set you apart from your competition and earn you profit
  • Having a Breathalyzer Vending Machine on site can lower your businesses liability insurance (Check with your insurance provider)
  • You can protect your business by having a Breathalyzer on site
  • Helps your patrons decide to keep drinking and increases your sales. As people see how quickly they reach the .08 level they will in turn realize that they are going to take a cab and continue drinking
  • There are disclaimers on the machines releasing any liability, results of each test are not recorded, tests are self-administered and are considered “non-evidential” in a court of law. (Taking a breathalyzer test from an Alco-Checkpoint is the same as taking a handheld breathalyzer test, it is for personal use)
  • Protection and preventative measure for the business where the Alco-Checkpoint is installed!