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Testimonial from Defense Attorney Chris McCann: 

” I enjoy this business, it is easy to operate, doesn’t take me much time to maintain and I am making good money” – James E.

” You guys have great customer service over there, thank you for your timely reply and help. I understand the product and think it is a great idea….” – Christopher E.

” Thanks for swift response and for the information that you passed on. Very much appreciated….I value your experience and wisdom in your wonderful product.” – Julian W.

” I really feel that the Alco-Checkpoint is a very proactive approach towards lowering the amount of intoxicated driver’s on the streets….” Anonymous – Alcohol Beverage Control

“Just got 5 machines delivered… these machines look awesome. Have several locations already lined up for placement, can’t wait to start the second stream of income. Great company, helpful customer service, and a genius idea for a side business!” -Andy

“Dealing with Alco-checkpoint has been a pleasure. Customer service is always #1 and Alco-checkpoint realizes that. As with any new venture, I had a million questions. Each and every time, they answered my question right away, even after they had my money. When I ordered my machine, it came within 3 days…. -Jenny

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