Estimated Earnings ($) Per Machine Per Month at $1.00/Test:

$90-$250+ (figures vary at each location)

Estimated Machine Usage Per Month:

5 Uses / Day/ Machine = 155 Uses / Month / Machine

155 Uses / Month  /Machine X (10) Alco-Checkpoint’s = 1550 Uses / Month

Estimated Earnings for (10) Placed Machine’s at $1 Per Test:

Monthly Earnings= $900-$2,500+

Yearly Earnings = $10,800-$30,000

Estimated Advertising Revenue (Alco-Checkpoint 3000):

Earn $20-$50 per month per advertisement

2 Gigabytes of Memory can store and play 1-100+ ads per month!

Potential to earn lots of money from advertising!

You can charge between $1-$4 per test  while your cost is less than a penny per straw!  A box of 500 straws costs $3.  Your cost per straw is less than a penny (.006¢)…And you only need to visit the location 1-2 times a month to fill the Alco-Checkpoint with straws and collect all the money!




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