A Manufacturer and Wholesale Distributor of Bar Breathalyzer Vending Machine Equipment

AlcoholAwarenessbar breathalyzer alcohol test analyzer coin op wall mount

Invest in the opportunity to create your own business and brand….


Alco-Checkpoint, is a Manufacturer and Wholesaler of bar breathalyzer vending equipment also known as coin/bill operated alcohol analyzers.  We have proudly sold our products at wholesale prices since 2007 and with the help of our life-saving ALCO-CHECKPOINT Distributors and Operator’s, we have collectively brought increased awareness to decrease drunk driving and potentially save thousands of lives.
Drop Shipping Program Available : Easy to Operate : Fast Shipping : 5 Year GuaranteeWholesale Pricing Available for Resellers : On-going Distributor Support : Best Prices
Our Coin and Bill Operated Breath Alcohol Test Vending Machines have been conceived, designed and built to offer the final user: maximum security and reliability. We use high-quality electronic and mechanic components, respecting all the quality requirements set by the American and European Communities. Our bet in the field of road safety is very strong, because we know Governments and Institutions are always ready to collaborate in this area.
Our future plans include the diversification of products: on the one hand, new applications in the area of road safety, new products for health and body care, and on the other hand, a great marketing expansion in America, Europe, Africa and other very demanding markets. Health and Safety are a very important concern of ours and it has always been our mission to make your life safer, healthier and easier.  At ALCO-CHECKPOINT INC. we have decided to make our own contribution and our products are our best asset towards our mission and protecting the publics lives.
Thank you very much for choosing our products.Best wishes,
Jonathan Ohana
How Do Bar Breathalyzer Machines Work?

1. Take a straw and insert into or around the straw hole/nozzle
2. Insert money and wait for the 10 second countdown
3. When indicated, blow constantly into the breathalyzer vending machine through a straw
4. View Results (results are not recorded and cannot be used as evidence in a court of law)
5. Easily wall mount the Alco-Checkpoint using only a drill and screws!

How Much Can Each Machine Earn?

Breath Test Revenues ($):
You can charge between $1-$10+ per test
Average Tests per Machine per Month: 70 – 250+ tests

 Where Are Good Places to Install a Breathalyzer?

Bars, Clubs, Restaurants, Strip Clubs, Late Night Food Spots, Sports Bars, College Dorms, Indoor Parking Lots, Valet Lots, Stadiums, Private Parties, Festivals, Race Tracks, Man Caves and More!

How Do I Maintain The Breathalyzer Machines?

1. Collect money
2. Refill Straws
3. Wipe down machines
4. Upload advertisements
5. Easily calibrate 1x every 2-3 months (Semi-Conductor)

bill operated bar breath test breathalyzer vending machine wall mounted bacAlco-Checkpoint Inc. Since 2007

©2007-2015 Alco-Checkpoint, All Rights Reserved

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